8 Port MaxiiCopper Ethernet Extender over Coax

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• Converts existing analog CCTV system over coaxial cable to
   state-of-the-art high-speed Ethernet network for both
  CCTV and IT projects
• Extends Ethernet 10BaseT up to 5,500 feet (1,680m) and
  100BaseT up to 2,100 feet (640m)
• Supports up to 8 ports
• Avoids rewiring and expense of traditional Ethernet network
• Excellent for high network bandwidth requirements of
  Mega-pixel cameras
• 19 inch, 1U rack or wall mountable
• Compatible with any LAN device and fully transparent to
  Ethernet networks
• No IP address programming or other networking setup
• LED Indicators provide link status and data rate
• Limited lifetime warranty

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The MaxiiCopper Model Vi2408 hub is a revolutionary data transmission device that extends full-duplex High-Speed Ethernet over existing coax infrastructures. It extends 10BaseT signals up to 5,500 feet (1,680m) and 100BaseT up to 2,100 feet (640m). It employs MaxiiCopper, an innovative and unique Ethernet extension technology, that is designed to take full advantage of high-bandwidth networking cables and maintain a full-duplex 10 or 100 Mb/s Ethernet connection up to the maximum range - with minimum transmission error and latency.

Multiple remote network devices such as Mega-pixel IP cameras or VoIP can be connected to a central LAN switching fabric with ease. Its dual-rate capability provides an easy way to balance the best possible network throughput and long-reach distance design. The Vi2408 supports up to 8 ports. This hub needs to be deployed along with Vi2401 on the remote end of each coaxial cable.

It is equipped with LEDs to provide link status and configured data rate. It is completely transparent to the corporate IP network and higher layer protocols and require no IP setting or other programming configurations. The Vi2408 is offered in 19 inch 1U height enclosure for rack-mount or wall-mount applications. It is ideal for medium to large scale networking or digital CCTV projects.